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Unlucky for the the student this was marked as incorrect, but if am the professor, il give him plus 10 for putting the legit answer! Haha.. How about you?! πŸ“ Haha.. Imperialismo ibagsak!!! Haha.. (at MDC 100)

Dont wanna pay attention to this but, a question lingered in my mind.. - “Whats the matter these people?” Anyone got the best answer will win P2000, a Jacket, a CD plus a WILL Phone! Haha.. #truestory (at BARGAS Residence)

Back then, everytime am onna vacation @ my grandma’s (Nanay) place, each morning she keeps asking me if i wanna sip sum of this! Damnn.. Em things make me miss her bigtime! β˜• πŸ‘΅ (at Shopwise)

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